Cross Country Ski Championship

US Nationals, Men’s Classic Sprint Video

RUMFORD, Maine – The final day of the United States Cross Country Ski Championship saw some controversy during the A Final of the men’s classic sprint on the trails of Black Mountain.  Torin Koos (BSF) skied away from the rest of the heat, but was later disqualified for a questionable move, so the second skier across the finish line Tyler Kornfield (UAF) was crowned the national champion.  While we don’t have footage of the contentious moment...

US Nationals, Men’s 30km Classic Mass Start Video

RUMFORD, Maine – For most of the racers in the men’s 30km classic mass start at the United States Cross Country Ski Championship there was one long effort, but for Noah Hoffman it was ski 20km and then race 10km as fast as he could.  Watch how things played out for Hoffman and the rest of the field. Full Race Report: “Hoffman Uses Smarts, Grit to Win 30 K”, by: Alex Matthews

Toko: 2012 US Nationals Classic Sprint Report

  Tested and picked glide waxes yesterday as was the plan as I anticipated that today’s kick solution could be a demanding one.  It did some freezing raining last night before they groomed.  Still, the tracks got an ice glaze on them which made things a bit tricky this morning.  We tested kick waxes, straight base green, straight klisters, and klisters covered.  Before qualifying, our best wax was Nordic Green Klister covered by Nordic Red...