To the Top and Back Again, Bono Sets Denali Speed Record

Editor’s Note: The subject of the following article, Katie Bono, spent one season as a become one, the state is also the home of Dartmouth College, Bono’s alma mater. Though originally recruited for cross-country skiing (she was the 2006 Minnesota state skiing champion), within two years of attending the Ivy League university, she had learned to love what many of her Big Green comrades adored: climbing. Introduced to the sport by the Dartmouth Mountaineering Club...

I like a lot of variety in my ski routes, and so I don’t often do the same trips multiple times.  But this was my third time doing the Curry Ridge Rider’s Tokositna Loop.   It is such a great ski, its worth doing a few times. Rob, Bill, Kate, Chris and I are all [...]

As I was biking home from work today, my lungs were burning, my eyes were squinting, and my nostrils were flaring. Was I hammering? Nope, I was inhaling the smoke that has descended over Anchorage in the past few days. Here's a cool map that shows the smoke.