As ‘Sport and the Environment’ Conference Kicks Off in Sochi, Allegations that Dumping Threatens Water Supply

In a coincidence of timing, the AP has uncovered illegal dumping of construction debris which threatens half the water supply to Sochi - just as the new Olympic city hosts IOC members for a conference on sport and the environment. As leaders discuss whether the Olympics can have a sustainable legacy, will they address these recent concerns?

The Team 350 Challenge is looking to collectively row and ski 350 million meters between September 21 and October 24 and we’d like your help to reach this goal.  This challenge is part of a global grassroots movement to raise awareness for the significance of 350 parts per million; the sustainable CO2 threshold in our atmosphere.  The current level is over 387 ppm and this number needs to fall for a safe climate future.  The...

How Green Can a Ski Team Be?

Professional cross country skiers are not usually preoccupied with environmental concerns like invasive aquatic species, composting, or even remembering to turn off the lights in their houses. Nor do they spend a whole lot of time doing trail work. Instead, for the most part, skiers tend to take for granted the negative environmental impact of their sport, with elite competitors criss-crossing the country for races, fleets of groomers guzzling gas, and the voracious appetites of...