Factory Team

The Factory Team, an institution in US skiing is closing down after 15 years of operation.  Andy Gerlach, who has run the team, has been unable to secure a title sponsor for next season. Over the years the Factory Team has featured many of the top skiers in the country and has been a fixture at all the major US races.  Past title sponsors included Saab, Subaru, Fischer, and Salomon.

Saab Salomon Factory Team The Saab Salomon Factory Team has plenty of experiences with the American Birkie. It has been the focal point for our team for the past 15 years.  With a new sponsor and new flashy black suit [they] have Birkie veterans and rookies coming to throw down on Saturday.  Here is an inside look at what’s on the mind of Saab Salomon Factory Team members in the days leading up to the...