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At the conclusion of last season in late March, German cross-country national team member Tim Tscharnke still Norwegian gold-medal duo of Petter Northug and Øystein Pettersen. At the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia, Tscharnke and teammate Hannes Dotzler nearly took another medal in the team sprint, winning their semifinal and leading a three-person group in the final, before Tscharnke


(translated from ski-nordique.net, 11-12-09, “Coup dur pour Franz Göring”) Franz Göring tore ligaments in his ankle during a workout recently.  He will have to take four weeks off before resuming regular training, so his chances of participating in the Olympic Games are very small. In his absence, the German team will be composed of Teichmann, Angerer, Sommerfeldt, and Filbrich, with the remaining place perhaps a contest between the young racers Tim  Tscharnke or Philipp Marschall. buy chantix...