Wednesday Workout: Audrey Weber’s CrossFit Experiment (with Video)

In her first year of dental school, Audrey Weber, 27, has less time for ski-specific training and instead shifted her focus to the gym, where she's found success with CrossFit. "Currently, I am 13 months into my own personal case study called, 'How Fit Can an Ex-Cross Country Ski Racer Stay on Four Hours of Training Per Week?' " she says. "Some preliminary results are in, and the findings are quite interesting." she says.

Pro Workout: Goldsack Weighs In

Drew Goldsack may be a recent addition to the Alberta World Cup Academy but he’s not stranger to hard training. After 8 years on the Canadian National Team, Goldsack joined the Alberta World Cup Academy, a recently instated Canadian Training Centre and he’s enjoying every minute of it. Being on the AWCA has reunited him with former National Ski Team coach Mike Cavaliere and former teammate Chris Jeffries. “Working with The Alberta World Cup Academy...