Kazakhs Allege Rights Violated in Austrian Police Investigation

The Kazakhstan National Biathlon Teamstated in a press release on Wednesday. “Since the investigations of the Criminal Intelligence Service Austria are still ongoing with regard to the evaluation of material found, the IBU reserves the right for any further disciplinary action based on any possible findings by the Austrian State Attorney at a later time.” In a press conference after the announcement was made, the Kazakh team claimed to be vindicated by the test results....

Kazakhstan Team Raided in Doping Investigation at Biathlon Championships

Austrian police raided the lodgings of Kazakhstan’s national biathlon team outside of Hochfilzen, Austria, on Thursday morning. The Kazakh team is there to compete at World Championships, where they finished 11th in the opening competition, a mixed relay, later in the day. “Numerous medical devices and medications were seized,” the Criminal Intelligence Service of Austria wrote in a statement according to the BBC. “They found in the room of our doctor some medicine. But according to...

Norwegian Nebulizer Use at World Junior Championships Stuns North Americans

Citing poor air quality which irritated airways, a Norwegian team doctor says he provided competitors with asthma medication at Junior and U23 World Championships in Romania last season. But American and Canadian competitors and coaches do not remember having such problems, and expressed surprise that such medications were being given to young athletes with no medical history of asthma.

IOC Membership and Regulations Combined to Reliably Hand Beijing 2022 Games

Just 2 percent of IOC members come from a snow sports background, and one of those two - biathlete Ole Einar Bjørndalen - skipped the vote for who should host the 2022 Winter Olympics. Between this imbalance and the fact that IOC members are no longer allowed to visit bid cities, the financial might and huge consumer market of China won out over other factors in the decision-making process.

Challenges Both New and Familiar For American TD of Junior/U23 World Championships in Kazakhstan

Anchorage's Matt Pauli served as the FIS Technical Delegate for Junior and U23 World Championships in Almaty, Kazakhstan, in early February. He reports back that though the local committee was hardworking and accommodating of challenges with snowpack, the venue was brand new - and not, he believes, ideal to host an Olympic Games. Luckily, the Soldatskoe venue where he worked at Asian Winter Games in 2011 is a good alternative.

FasterSkier tipped ‘Polto’, as he is affectionately known around the office, as the man to watch. The young Kazakh did not disappoint, as bagging a silver medal in the sprint during the Kuusamo mini-tour, before falling to 15th in the overall Tour standings. The following weekend in Davos, Switzerland, he Vladimir Smirnov? We here at FasterSkier aren’t willing to call it quite yet, but we’re convinced he has the skills to be pretty darn successful....