Madoka Natsumi

this cool split graph of the relay race to see just how impressive the Japanese were. Oh, and just in case you think that FasterSkier is under-selling the achievement of the young Japanese men, they have a grand total of 62 career World Cup starts combined. For comparison, the Russian team that they edged out for 6th has over 170 trips to a World Cup start line between them. After the tragic earthquake and tsunami...

Team 18: Japan

Japan Nations Cup Ranking: 18th (353 pts) Men: 16th (163 pts) Women: 19th (190 pts) 2010/2011 A Team (Best estimate) Men Yuichi Onda Nobu Naruse Women Masako Ishida Madoka Natsumi What you may have missed last season: Two years ago, during the 2008-2009 World Cup season, the Japanese ski team made history. Masako Ishida became the first Japanese national to win a World Cup medal by