Cross-Pollinating Future Ski Champions

NORWAY – Bringing young athletes from all the ski disciplines onto one team is the recipe for excellence in the future. “Team Morgendagens Helter” is 5-year talent development project organized by the Norwegian Ski Association and backed by major sponsor Statoil, designed to share training strategies and increase the pool of experience across the different ski disciplines.

Press Team Northug: Petter Northug is proud to be part of the NSF

(translated from Langrenn.com) In response to the article in langrenn.com on Wednesday, “Ulvang mener Northug må få sin del av landslagskaka”, Terje Julusmoen on behalf of Press Team Northug issued a statement saying that Petter Northug’s relationship with the Norwegian Ski Federation was very good, he was happy to have a place on the team, and was also proud to be part of the best team in the world.  The press release further stated that Northug would...