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This article has been updated with additional information on pro skiers who volunteered with Skiku, and additional pictures from Montana and New York. *   *   * It’s the last week of April. Skier New Year, May 1, looms next Tuesday. It’s roughly six months till  So, caveat lector: Just because your favorite skier has been taking a well-deserved break from finding and curating Instagram-worthy content for your enjoyment, this doesn’t mean that they’ve been sitting on their...


Natural snow is where it’s at, unless there’s none to be found. In high-elevation places like West Yellowstone, Mont., (roughly 6,600 feet above sea level) and Crested Butte (nearly 9,000 feet), November skiing is http://www.skirunbikemt.com/yellowstone-ski-festival.html When: Tuesday, Nov. 22 – Saturday, Nov. 26, 2016 How many years running: Over 30 years. “It started with Drew Barney, Torbjorn Karlsen and Dick Hunt More details | clinics and held a FIS race on Nov. 2. Temperatures are reliably cold, and any snow that falls...


While the world's collective attention is focused on the Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, EISA racers set their sights on the 2014 Williams Carnival held at Prospect Mountain in Woodford, VT. UVM and Dartmouth continued to show strength, while the Bowdoin women made a strong statement on both days.