Rhonda Jewett

Rhonda Jewett was recently appointed to the Cross Country Canada Board of Directors and hopes that she will be able to help shape  the future of Canada’s athletes. As a former racer, she realized how many hours were put into the Canadian ski racing program by volunteers and staff alike. “Now that I’m done ski racing, I feel that I have the time to give back so that younger skiers can have even more opportunities...

Sauce Headwear, Formerly SOS Headwear, Launches New Website

Sauce Headwear, in the wake of a name change from SOS Headwear, has launched a new website.  Sauce Headwear produces high-quality ski hats, which are worn throughout North America by all levels of skiers.  In addition to selling individual hats, on both the web and in retail stores, Sauce specializes in orders with custom logos for teams and clubs. FS Store. Visit the Sauce Headwear website at