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Gear Review: Fischer Speedmax Classic and Carbonlite Skate Rollerskis

Depending on where you live, rollerskis may seem like a distant memory, retired to a storage closet not to be looked at again until next May. For others, sliding on snow might not be the agenda for another month. Perhaps you are foregoing Thanksgiving travel to snow this year due to the pandemic, or you are an urban-dwelling weekend warrior whose usual routine of traveling regularly to snow has come to a halt. Regardless of...

2018 FS Gear Review: Rundle Sport Velox Skate Long Rollerski

Let’s go niche for a second as this will be a recurring theme of this rollerski review. It’s not exactly the dark web, but this esoteric rollerski site lists over 50 manufacturers. Presuming each brand builds out several models of rollerskis, we’re talking well over 100 styles and permutations of dryland training gear. That’s only considering skate rollerskis. The basic engineering premise is the same for all of those: two wheels, four ball-bearing sets per ski,...

2018 FS Gear Review: Rundle Sport FLEX Skate Rollerski

With the evolution from aluminum-shaft rollerskis to composite laminates (think a combination of wood, sometimes a honeycomb matrix and layers of fiberglass/carbon fiber) manufacturers have built rollerskis with “flex”. A skate rollerski’s flex pattern is part of the design process to better mimic that ubiquitous “on-snow feel” nearly all rollerki manufacturers claim and few master.   For the purposes of this review, “on-snow feel” for rollerskis will be defined as the following: smooth, relative vibration-free...

2018 FS Gear Review: Hjul Skate Rollerski

(Correction: This review has been updated to reflect that Hjul rollerskis are sourced and manufactured in China, as explained to FasterSkier by importer Pioneer Midwest.) This rollerski review has as much to do about perception as it does about the more-than-solid value discovered in the Hjul skate rollerski. info@fasterskier.com with the subject line “Gear Review Inquiry”.