Roy Young

Behind the Great Britain xc ski phenomenon with Andrew Musgrave

Andrew Musgrave is a mainstay of the World Cup cross-country skiing circuit and a two-time podium finisher, racing for a surprisingly strong British team. Devon and Nat chatted with him this week about a major budget cut for the British team that’s forced team members to fundraise; Muzzy also talks about his training, his life in Norway, his diet and his plans to start feuds on the World Cup. You can email us at devon@fasterskier.com and nat@fasterskier.com.

For Andrew Young and British Team, Preparing for a Once-In-Four-Years Opportunity to Reach Their Public

Despite the Scottish location, Andrew Young grew up skiing the way many readers probably did too: in a club, with friends, trying to get fast enough to beat their older sisters. After becoming the youngest man to race a World Cup in 2008, Young relocated to Norway for better training and coaching, and is a lock for his second Olympics this winter.