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Greggs, Boundary Bay Once Again Dominate Ski to Sea

Brian Gregg, Caitlin Gregg, Patrick Johnson, Todd Eastman, and Russell Kennedy — those names sound familiar? The five U.S.-born cross-country racers started each of their eight-person teams off two weekends ago in the 93-mile Ski to Sea Race from Mount Baker to Bellingham, Wash. The Greggs and their teams swept -- again -- and Caitlin skied to fifth in the nordic race.

Gregg, Brooks Start Strong in Ski to Sea Relay (Updated)

Note: This article has been updated to reflect the correct time between Holly Brooks and Alysson Marshall, and include quotes from Pate Neumann. One was a native. Another was a ringer. Both Brian Gregg and Holly Brooks found themselves at the front of the pack in the first of the The Bellingham Herald. It was Gregg’s second year on the competitive-open team. “The other guys on the team are really fast and it is fun...