This Month in Journals: Assessing Athlete Heart Health; Monitoring Training Load Though Saliva;… and Reindeer

In scientific research coming out in the last month, researchers try to find ways to prevent Sudden Cardiac Death in athletes through better screening; markers in saliva can be used to test response to a training load; cross country ski suits, reviewed in different temperatures; no point in taking nitrate supplements; and, finally, how skiers affect reindeer in northern Scandinavia. Because who doesn't love reindeer?

US Ski Team Brings Suit Consistency

After years of a remarkable level of wardrobe schizophrenia, the US Ski Team has ushered in a new era of racing suit consistency that should make it easier to follow our favorite US athletes on the race course. There are currently two suit variations being used by US Ski Team athletes, and athletes racing for the US in international events.  They are so similar, that for practical purposes (identifying US skiers in a race) they...