USSA pipeline

Selection for the camp is based on results from US Junior Championships, held in Stowe, Vermont using a system of best 2 of the 3 individual results. In addition to the automatic selections of the top twenty boys and top twenty girls based on JN results, each USSA division is afforded two discretionary picks of one boy and one girl in addition to however many may have qualified via the JN selection procedure. It is...

Part of the Team, Part III: Female Coaches’ Impact on Teenage Skiers

The third chapter in 'Part of the Team: The Impact of Female Coaches in the U.S.' takes a look at female coaches who work with U18 and U16 athletes, the kids who are in the process of choosing nordic skiing over other sports. These coaches are involved with juniors at a critical point in their development, and many discuss how they mentor their skiers and why they've stuck with that level.