World Masters Association

Register here MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (January 5, 2018)– The World Masters Association has approved a motion to extend registrations for the 2018 Masters World Cup, happening January 19-26. “The WMA Executive Committee decided that the early dates of this particular MWC required additional time for registrations to come in. We understand that some folks — particularly in the Upper Midwest — are still building fitness and having another week to decide to participate in the MWC2018...

Masters World Cup: More Than Just The Races

You don't have to be a World Cup racer to ski similar distances on the world's best courses. While many masters focus on traditional ski marathons, the annual Masters World Cup presents an opportunity for skiers 30 and older to ski up to four races of regular World Cup distances in a week.

Oregon’s Downing Elected World Masters President

XC Oregon founder J.D. Downing was recently elected president of the World Masters Cross-Country Ski Association. While he'll continue to hold his post as a U.S. national director, Downing has big goals for the international organization, including an increase in participation and keeping skiers under 55 "in the game."