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Eight biathletes, hailing from New England through Minnesota to the West Coast, have been named to the U.S. team for World Youth and Junior Championships in Minsk, Belarus, in mid-February. Team namings came after a three-race trials series in Mount Itasca, Minnesota. Additional discretionary picks are anticipated after January 1st.


Christian Gow placed sixth in the men's individual and Sarah Beaudry and Julia Ransom sixth and seventh in the women's race at World Youth and Junior Championships on Wednesday. "We have 4 provinces represented in the top 6 results [this week] with British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec... it's an exciting future," coach Roddy Ward said.


It was shaping up to be another battle between the newest star of the Gross family, biathlon royalty from Germany, and upstart Sean Doherty from the United States. But a Russian swept in to take gold in the youth men's individual race. Nevertheless, two Canadians also made the flower ceremony and two American women were top ten in their own individual competition.