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Australian Olympian Callum Watson Recovering after Ski Punctures Lung in Sprint Crash

Callum Watson (left) racing in New Zealand in 2012. Photo:

When Callum Watson crashed in the sprint at Australian National Championships, it seemed like any other crash. But the consequences were devastating: the other racer’s ski punctured and collapsed his lung. Watson is looking towards the future as he recovers, but is set back by the cost of the ambulance helicopter flight that saved him. This article includes a link to his fundraising page.

Falun World Championships Gain ISO Certification for Sustainability

A photo provided by Falun2015 pictures the jumps that will be used in the 2015 World Championships in February. Falun2015 recently gained ISO 20121 certification for sustainability. (Photo: Falun2015)

Organizers of the 2015 FIS Nordic World Championships in Falun, Sweden announced August 27 that the culminating event of the 2014/2015 ski season has received the ISO 20121 certification of sustainability.

From The Pack: Ricardo Izquierdo-Bernier

Ricardo Izquierdo-Bernier during a  training ride on Mont-Ventoux in France. (Courtesy photo)

We caught up with Canadian Junior National Team member Ricardo Izquierdo-Bernier, of Montreal and now Quebec City, who reached his goal last season of a top 20 at Junior World Championships in placing 14th in the 10-kilometre classic in Val di Fiemme, Italy.

Norway’s 10,000-Meter Champ, Steira Taking One Step at a Time

Kristin Størmer Steira in 2012 (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Kristin Størmer Steira’s in the game for another season, but she’s not so sure what the next four years hold — definitely some school and not another Olympics. “I learned from my earlier mistakes saying this is my last year, but I don’t think longer than Falun … we’ll see,” she says in an exclusive interview.

An Editor’s Report of the Bridger Ridge Run

Mountain goats are a common site during the Bridger Ridge Run.

FasterSkier’s Associate Editor Lander Karath recently ran the Bridger Ridge Run in Bozeman, Mont. This is his account of the 20-mile running race.

Team Hardwood Seeks Beach Time, Beneficial Training in Tobermory

Team Hardwood explores shipwrecks in Big Tug Harbour. (Photo: Patricia MacDonell)

Team Hardwood President Patricia MacDonell recaps her team’s annual junior camp on Bruce Peninsula in southern Ontario.

Pros of Tomorrow: Two-Time NCAA Champion Gruber Aims to ‘Blow Them Away’

Anja Gruber (University of Vermont) racing to fourth in Saturday's 10 k classic mass start at Soldier Hollow for her best U.S. nationals result by more than 20 places. (Photo: Bert Boyer/ All proceeds from photo sales will be directly donated to NNF.

Anja Gruber thought she was done with skiing after finishing high school in her native Germany. However, she received a call from Partrick Weaver of UVM that changed everything. Now, Gruber is a two-time NCAA Champion with eyes on the World Cup.

North American Biathlon Rollerski Championships in Photos

2014 North American Rollerski Championships 7.5 k sprint at Ethan Allen Firing Range in Jericho, Vt.

Lowell Bailey went 2 for 2 on the weekend in Jericho, and two different U.S. women edged Canada’s Rosanna Crawford for victories at the North American Rollerski Championships at the Ethan Allen Firing Range.

As IBU Congress Nears, Many Rule Changes Up for Debate

IBU race officials were forced to call off a World Cup relay mid-race last season when fog rolled in and obscured the targets. Now, they are considering rule changes to better deal with these situations in the future.

Up for voting at the IBU Congress in September will be proposals for how to deal with mid-race cancellations, whether to amend the penalty in youth individual races, and whether age limits are appropriate at Open European Championships – as well as the creation of an entirely new junior racing circuit.

This Month in Journals: Does Birthdate Matter in Winning, or Staying In, Youth Sports?

Lennart Metz (GER) celebrating his win in the men's classic sprint at Junior World Championships. Photo: Liberec2013.

In the 2013 World Junior Championships sprint, half of the male competitors in the final were born in the last five months of the eligibility window. Is this a case of a relative age effect – and what are the implications for elite sports on the whole, or retaining youngsters to be recreational athletes for life?

Post-Biathlon, Studebaker Returns to the College Scene as Assistant Coach at University of Alaska Anchorage

Studebaker competing at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

When Nicole De Yong stepped down from the UAA coaching staff, head coach Andrew Kastning wanted to hire another woman – but female coaches aren’t easy to come by. Luckily, 2010 and 2014 Olympian Sara Studebaker had just moved to town. “I’m really excited to be here,” she told FasterSkier.

Defending IBU World Cup Champ Mäkäräinen Hopes for Health and Happiness in 2015

Finnish biathlete Kaisa Mäkäräinen shooting at her home course in Kontiolahti, Finland, where she hosted the U.S. women's team in late July. (Photo: Jonne Kähkönen)

With another World Cup crystal globe in hand, Finnish biathlete Kaisa Mäkäräinen, 31, is gearing up for another season and World Championships at home in Kontiolahti. It hasn’t been easy: she was sick for two months from May through June.

Tikhonov Brings Color to Politically Tense Race for IBU Presidency

Alexander Tikhonov in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia, in 2007. Photo: vow via creative commons.

Convicted in arranging the attempted murder of a regional governor in 2000, Alexander Tikhonov is never dull. One of the best biathletes of all time, he hopes to return to the international spotlight by becoming IBU President. Canada’s Jim Carrabre is also taking on Anders Besseberg, who has held the position since 1993.

For Canadian NoCo and Jumping, No OTP Funding Closes ‘Every Other Door’

Ski Jumping Venue

“If we want to survive we need to take matters into our own hands,” Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined Canada’s director Curtis Lyon explains. He’s doing damage control after Own the Podium stopped funding the two sports for 2014/2015.

Sachenbacher-Stehle Requests 3-Month Ban: ‘I Do Not Want to Cede as a Doping Sinner’

Germany's Evi Sachenbacher-Stehle (27) in the quaterfinals of the 2007 Tour de Ski in Prague. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Despite being handed a two-year ban at age 33, Germany’s Evi Sachenbacher-Stehle isn’t throwing in the towel. Rather, she’s seeking a three-month ban instead so she can repair her image and retire on a high note.

U.S. Biathlon Women’s Coach Kähkönen on Team’s Scando Tour

The U.S Biathlon women's team after an uphill interval session up Koli, the highest point in southern Finland, with coach Jonne Kähkönen (l) and his wife (r), who also rollerskied up, and  Finnish World Cup champion Kaisa Mäkäräinen (second from l). (Photo: Jonne Kähkönen)

Following the final week of training in Finland and three days of rollerski races at the coveted Blink Festival in Norway, U.S. Biathlon coach Jonne Kähkönen gives an across-the-pond update from his native Finland.

Blink Festival Concludes with Mass Starts and Sprints; Bailey and Burke Deliver for U.S.

Tim Burke (l) stands on the podium of the men's biathlon sprint Saturday at the 2014 Blink Festival. Burke finished third, completing a successful weekend for the Americans in attendance at the festival. (Photo: Skifestivalen Blink/Facebook)

In the final two days of the 2014 Blink Festival Americans Lowell Bailey and Tim Burke jumped onto the podium in the biathlon mass start and sprint races.

Defunding Deadline in the Rearview, U.S. NoCo Forges Ahead with USA Ski Jumping

U.S. Nordic Combined skiers tackle a foggy training session near Park City, Utah (including  Bryan Fletcher, Taylor Fletcher, Ben Berend,  Brett Denney, Michael Ward, and Adam Loomis). (Photo: Dave Jarrett/Twitter)

Back in April, July 31 seemed like dark cloud looming in the distance. But it wasn’t that far off, and fortunately for U.S. Nordic Combined, it wasn’t all that dreary. “Things are moving forward for sure, and it’s a little bit more hopeful than in April,” head coach Dave Jarrett says, explaining that he kept his job and hopes to have two other coaches and two wax techs help him this season.

‘You Can’t Get More Biathlon Than Montana,’ Bridger Biathlon Club Brings It Back

The biathlon range at Bohart Ranch in Bozeman, Mont. was installed in 1989 at the hight of the sport in the small mountain town. The Bridger Biathlon Club is attempting to bring Biathlon back to Bozeman and is starting by installing new targets from Norway. (Photo: Bridger Biathlon Club)

Biathlon in Bozeman was booming in the 1980s but in the last two decades, the sport has declined in the mountain town as cross country skiing popularity has grown. However, a group of community members is trying to bring biathlon back to Bozeman with the formation of the Bridger Biathlon Club, and they are off to a good start.

Stephen Crushes Competition in Blink Festival Opener

Liz Stephen and Kristen Størmer Steira congratulate each other after finishing first and second in the 2014 Blink Festival opener. (Photo: Skifestivalen Blink/Facebook)

Liz Stephen already has the reputation as one of the best hill climbers in the world. The trend continued in Thursday’s Blink Festival opener, where Stephen outpaced the rest of the field by 27 seconds.