Part 5 – Ripe Bananas and Electricity in the Wax Cabin

FasterSkierDecember 20, 2002

I pull the curtains to the side and open the window. It’s cloudy and mild.

This is good. I have a pair of fantastic skis for these conditions. Per Knut Aaland, who is our kick wax expert, has shown many times that he manages to find the perfect wax for the snow we have today. Moreover, klister conditions fit my explosive style of classic technique.

Yup, it looks good. Can I have the perfect race?

Hopefully I would have thought the same if I had looked out the window and seen different conditions. Regardless what the outer frame is, it is important to find the positive and direct energy and consciousness towards that. To think positively is extremely important before competitions.

The breakfast table is like it should be. I take it easy, and speak little; must not use energy unnecessarily now. I make a bag lunch that I will east as soon as I cross the finish line. It is important to fill the body’s energy stores again as soon as possible. I have also packed a backpack with dry clothes. I don’t want to take the chance of getting sick because I wore my wet competition clothing for too long.

In addition to breakfast, I always eat two ripe bananas two hours before race start. It is important that they are so ripe that there are dark spots on the peel, because then the body can absorb 90 per cent more of the nutrients than when the bananas are green. I have never understood why stores offer ripe bananas for half price. The non-ripened ones should be the cheapest.


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