Aalberg, Karlsen, Stray-Gundersen Team Up For Coaching Service

FasterSkierMarch 27, 2003

Ski Racers and Coaches:
Are you looking for better results?

Coaching and Team work opportunities with Torbjorn Karlsen, John Aalberg
and Dr. Jim Stray-Gundersen

Torbjorn Karlsen and John Aalberg are two of the better known XC skiing personalities
in the US, and they have now teamed up to create a unique coaching opportunity
for ambitious Olympic hopefuls and master skiers, as well as for coaches needing
new ideas, education or a more structured program.

For sports medicine and altitude training consultation they are collaborating
with one of the arguably best experts on altitude training in the World, Dr.
Jim Stray Gundersen. Jim will also be used as advisor in any physiological testing
of the skiers participating in the program.

Both Torbjorn and John have a unique Cross-Country coaching background including
the Norwegian Sport College of Oslo Norway where they specialized in education,
coaching and XC skiing.

This service is catered both to skiers and to coaches:
The goal is help and teach skiers to make smart training decisions, use better
and more efficient workouts, establish good training routines, peak for big
events, have long and short term progression and get the most out of the time
spent training.
For masters it’s also to live healthier and use racing as a way to stay
young, fit, be able to accomplish things that people from your generation can
only dream about – to be among the 1% fittest! The service includes general
training education, specific training suggestions, feedback on your training,
short and long term goal setting and much more.
The goal is to give a practical education in Cross-Country coaching, including
proper planning, capacity analyses, goal setting, training methods, specific
training program suggestions, and practical and useful testing methods.

In addition to the personal coaching, we are also planning three 3-4 day camps
in Park City: June (proper summer training), September (intensive and specific
training) and December (technique and race peaking). Depending on the interest,
these camps can be designed as educational camps or as a normal training camp.

Skiers or coaches signing up for the program can use the camps to further enhance
their chances for success. These camps are also open to skiers and coaches that
have not signed up for our coaching and education service.

Camps in your town
We are also available to travel to your area for 1-3 days of professional "all
day" coaching or training. Specific seminars for local and regional coaches
can also be offered.

E-mail us at info@torbjornsport.com
for more information including detailed services and fees. Use the subject headline
– "Coaching information."


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