PRO-SKI roller ski update for 2003

FasterSkierApril 16, 2003

PROSKI roller ski update for 2003

The World’s leading skiers have been using PRO-SKI for twenty years as an essential aid for reaching the top.

Both the Swedish and Norwegian National Cross-Country teams are using PRO-SKI roller skis, including World Cup Champions, Olympic and World Championship medalists Bente Skari (Nor), Marit Bjoergen (Nor), Thomas Ahlsgaard (Nor), Per Elofson (Swe), Joergen Brink (Swe) and Beckie Scott (Can). The 2002 and 2001 winners of the World’s largest Cross-Country race, the Swedish Vasaloppet, are also users of PRO-SKI rollerskis.

Here is what the 2002 Vasa winner, Daniel Thynell is saying:
“Roller skis provide a great dry-land training session for a skier — it’s so close to skiing that you can even practice your technique in the summer. For classic, I use PRO-SKI C3 skis, which roll a bit heavier than the C2 skis, mostly because I want a little more resistance when I work out. For many people, the C2 ski with speed reducers may be the best choice, since you can set the resistance yourself.
For skating I use both the S2 and the S3 to get a little variety. The S2 rolls more easily, which can be good in heavy terrain, or if you want a training session without heavy resistance. The S3 ski is a bit heavier and gives more resistance; I use it more for interval training”.

PRO-SKI models

PRO-SKI C2 (C3 is same ski with a bit slower wheels)
One of the most popular classic roller skis on the market. Soft and stable ride even on uneven road surfaces. Used by many elite skiers.

PRO-SKI C2 with speed reducers
The complete classic roller ski. You set the resistance. Ski safely, even going down hill.

Great for classic skiing with a narrower front wheel.

Skate ski with great steering and easy resistance.

Skate ski for effective training with a soft ride. Good for uneven road surfaces and for heavier skiers (over 175 lbs).

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