(USA) and (Norway) to start exclusive partnership

FasterSkierAugust 3, 2003

Two of the largest Cross-Country Skiing Websites on each side of the Atlantic Ocean have agreed to partner and cooperate in giving the best Cross-Country skiing information the Internet can provide. In this unique partnership will provide the English part and translations of articles from the Norwegian based The two Websites will have exclusive rights to each other's articles, and will especially cooperate in providing better and more international information to the English Cross-Country enthusiasts and readers around the World.

The Salt Lake City based FasterSkier was founded in January 2002 by Torbjœrn Karlsen, Cory Smith and Erik Stange. was launched on February 1, 2002 and quickly grew to become one of the most trusted sources for Cross-Country skiing information in the United States, covering racing (both domestic and international), training, ski areas and travel. During the 2003 winter season, between 1000 – 2000 unique readers visited the site daily. New contributors and authors, such as John Aalberg, the person responsible for the success of the 2002 Olympic Cross-Country venue, Soldier Hollow, are continuing to innovate and expand the site.

The Norwegian based was established in the fall of 2000. It quickly became popular and known as the homepage for many of the most famous Norwegian Cross-Country skiers, such as Thomas Alsgaard and Bente Skari. The Website changed owners in the fall of 2002, and experienced over 5000 daily readers last winter. The mission of is to provide all the best information a Cross-Country enthusiast would like to see, also to the international market.

< and expect to see continued growth for next year as we strive to enhance our international partnership. This partnership will help us bring you the most colorful, critical, and educational articles from both domestic and international skiing.


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