Master Skier and Olympian Gordon Faulkner

FasterSkierAugust 7, 2003

Top American master skier Gordon Faulkner made US Track and Field Team in the
5000 meter for the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City, Mexico – he never raced due
to a broken foot, but is today a hard working, "tough to beat" master

Age: 60
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 168 lb
Married, three wonderful children
Hometown: Basking Ridge, New Jersey
Residence: Madison, Wisconsin
Occupation: Pediatrician
Coach: Torbjorn Karlsen
Fav. Movie: Dr Zhivago
Fav. food: Chinese (any)
Fast food: Subway – veggie sandwich
Fav. musical artist: Joan Baez
Fav. book: Flowers for Algernon (I hate TV)

Did you take a vacation after this past race season ended?
Tromso, Norway (To visit old friends. We hiked
all over and talked for hours)

Do you have any notable experience from any other sport?
In 30 years of running, my most fun experience was an ultra-marathon traversing
Olympic National Park

What is your favorite place to ski?
Silver Star B.C.

Favorite place to race?
Upper Peninsula of Michigan (many sites)

Favorite place to train (skiing or dryland)?

Skiing at ABR in Ironwood, MI

Why do you enjoy being a ski racer? 
I enjoy being a ski racer because it demands total body fitness and our
sport takes place in utterly beautiful areas.

What part of being a ski racer don't you enjoy?
I least enjoy having to travel far to find snow.

If you weren't a ski racer, what would you rather be doing?
If I couldn't ski, I'd run, bike or kayak – anything to get outside. 

What do you do to pass the time when you are on the road at races and training

I pass time at races or camps reading and writing. I spend a minimal amount
of time waxing.

What were your best or most memorable races last season?

Last year I did well in all but one of my races. Two of the most beautiful races
were the North American VASA in Traverse City, MI and the Sibley Ski Tour in
Ontario. My best finish overall in a major race was 7th place in the 25km Great
Bear Chase in Calumet, MI

How do you deal with bad races?

I deal with a bad race by trying to finish with a grin and make it a learning
experience, always keeping in mind that I'd rather be skiing than doing just
about anything else!

What changes will you be making to your training plan for this year?
Training changes this year involve more time devoted to technique and more days

Do you have a favorite interval or hard workout?
4 x 5 min intervals on skiis or rollers with negative splits. Last fall
(with the help of a friend) I did a 3 x 5km session on roller skiis that gained
1000 ft each time and was driven down the hill quickly between rolls.

Can you give us a single piece of advice for aspiring Junior skiers?

Ski for the love of it and look at skiing as a lifetime activity


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