A shame for sports and for the Olympic ideal

FasterSkierSeptember 7, 2003

Thomas Alsgaard thinks it is a shame that Muhlegg will remain as a winner in the history books. Therefore he is present at the hearing between Muhlegg and the Norwegian Sports Federation in Lausanne on Tuesday this week.

The case is in the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne, Switzerland this week, and the Norwegian Sport Federation’s goal is to strip Johand Muhlegg of all his medals from the 2002 Olympic Games in Salt Lake City (He has already been stripped of this 50-km Gold Medal). Thomas Alsgaard, Frode Estil and Krister Skjeldal will be present during the court hearing that will take place behind closed doors. They will however not act as witnesses.

“The case is difficult since the race in Salt Lake is history. The race is over, and Muhlegg managed to ruin it completely. So the point is not to fight for his gold medal, which I do not want. The point is that I do not wish for Muhlegg to remain in history as the big winner in Salt Lake. This is the reason I chose to go to Lausanne”, explains Alsgaard.

Alsgaard says he does not care for another Olympic Gold. However, he feels that it is all wrong that young skiers will read in the history books of Muhlegg as a winner.

“It is a shame for Cross-Country, for sport in general and especially for the Olympic ideal”.

In Alsgaard’s opinion, he and Frode Estil could remain in second place on the historical results, as long as Muhlegg is removed.

“To get a medal after the fact does not mean anything. It is the emotions during the moments of the race that matters, and this was ruined by Muhlegg”, says Alsgaard firmly.

“What is your opinion regarding the length of time this case has taken?”

“I think IOC has shown an incredible cowardliness by not getting involved and making a decision when it happened in 2002”, Alsgaard days

“What do you feel about Muhlegg being allowed to compete again already this winter?

“ I have always been of the opinion that those taken for doping should be banned for life”

“How do you think it will feel watching Muhlegg on television this winter?”

“Probably as sad as watching Myllylä and Isometsä ski, but this is nothing we can change at this time”

“What are the chances for success at the CAS court case?”

“I do not know, but I hope at least something will happen”, says Alsgaard.


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