Interval and Media Training in Focus for Norwegian Women’s Team

FasterSkierSeptember 22, 2003

The Norwegian Women’s XC National team members started their Kvitfjell, Norway dryland training camp on September 21st.

Five days with high intensity training in five days (!) is on the agenda. Media training is also on the menu.

Coach Svein Tore Samdal:

“Interval training is in focus the next 14 days. This is a part of the National team’s new way of using training periodization — the heart will in periods be stressed more than usual in order to develop a higher Max Vo2.

This is the start of one of these periods and the girls are doing five high intensity sessions in five days”.

Media training is done in between these sessions:

“We want the skiers to be aware of how they appear on television and in other media. There are certain team rules regarding what and how the skiers can comment and express themselves as a member of the team.

We are doing some media training every year but a little extra this season.

The girls are even being filmed in interview situation in order to see themselves and learn from it”    


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