Why Norwegian National Team Skier Svartedal Feels Stronger Than in The Past

FasterSkierSeptember 30, 2003

Norwegian National Team Skier Jens Arne Svartedal feels strong after good summer and fall training. He is aiming for the podium in regular World Cup races — not only in World Cup classic sprint races.

“I avoided injuries and sickness this summer and am feeling stronger than in the past after steady and solid training.”

And just that is promising. Svartedal took another step forward last year and proved that he is capable of more than being unbeatable in classic sprint races. He made the Norwegian World Championship team, raced in the sprint and the 15K classic race, captured a 6th place in a regular World Cup race (beside sprint) and won the Norwegian 50K championship.

“I want to fight in the top in regular races as well. For that reason I’m not prioritizing the sprint training as in the past. Last year I hardly did any training longer than two hours.”

That’s not the case this year. The distance sessions are longer and so are the intervals.

“I used to “put the pedal to the metal” in the interval sessions — as hard as possible.”

The intervals were short — 1 to 3 minutes long — the intensity was high and the recovery was long. The anaerobic training has now been down-prioritized. The intervals are now longer — up to ten minutes long — the intensity more around threshold and the recovery in between intervals shorter. Svartedal hopes that this will improve his capacity in the longer races.

“It’s hard to have specific goals as far as results and where to place in races. I simply want to improve and I (really) have a desire to be on the podium in a regular race. Who knows I might even be satisfied with fourth places (smiles).”

Svartedal showed some progress by winning a National Team rollerski skate time-trial earlier this fall.

“That was great progress for me. I have worked hard for many years to improve my skating and have seen steady progress, but I have not been able to place among the top in skate races.”

He is aware of the increased number of Pursuit/Skiathlon races in the future and sees the need for increased skate training.

Svartedal is also happy with the high number of mass-start races. That suits a super-sprinter well.

Svartedal is optimistic and a lot is pointing in the right direction for him, but he is also a bit cautious regarding continues progress.

“You never know how things will turn out — Nothing can be taken for granted — that I know.”



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