DrylandRacingGreat Improvement for USST in Running Time-Trial

FasterSkier FasterSkierOctober 21, 2003

In the back of the small but strong running field were National Team Coach Trond
Nystad and Fasterskier.com contributor and Coach John Aalberg. As they said:
"Being out there suffering with the athletes gives you the advantage of
knowing what they go through racing, – as a coach it enables you to say the
right things at the right time."

Final Soldier Hollow Time-Trial for USST
10 km (previous PRs in parentheses)
1. Kris Freeman 37:11 (37:40)
2. Justin Freeman 37.34 (37:37)
3. Andrew Johnson 38:08 (38:55)
4. Carl Swenson 38:36 (38:37)
5. John Aalberg 39:19
6. Trond Nystad 40:40

4.6 km TT
1. Torin Koos 15:59 PR 30secs.

WW 5km
1. Wendy Wagner 21:30 2secs off her PR.

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