DrylandGreat Improvement for USST in Running Time-Trial

FasterSkierOctober 21, 2003

In the back of the small but strong running field were National Team Coach Trond
Nystad and Fasterskier.com contributor and Coach John Aalberg. As they said:
"Being out there suffering with the athletes gives you the advantage of
knowing what they go through racing, – as a coach it enables you to say the
right things at the right time."

Final Soldier Hollow Time-Trial for USST
10 km (previous PRs in parentheses)
1. Kris Freeman 37:11 (37:40)
2. Justin Freeman 37.34 (37:37)
3. Andrew Johnson 38:08 (38:55)
4. Carl Swenson 38:36 (38:37)
5. John Aalberg 39:19
6. Trond Nystad 40:40

4.6 km TT
1. Torin Koos 15:59 PR 30secs.

WW 5km
1. Wendy Wagner 21:30 2secs off her PR.

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