The Only Solution To Stop Doping Is To Give Lifetime Bans and Stripping The Athletes of All Medals Won In The Past

FasterSkierOctober 21, 2003

Former US Ski Team Coach and World Cup skier Jim Galanes says regarding October 18 Editorial article Dopers Tarnish the Sport for all of us “Thanks for posting the good article on doping”.

He continues: “In light of the recent scandal in US Track & Field it is clear that bigger penalties must be exercised. This last event has shown that not only are team leaders, coaches and athletes looking for an advantage, but they are also willing to go to any lengths to get around the doping controls. WADA has no hope in catching cheaters as long as the cheaters are working with doctors and chemists who are willing to use technology to design new drugs that can not be detected.”

“The only solution and the message I hope continues to send is that of life time bans and stripping athletes of all medals they won in the past, regardless of whether they were caught at the time or not”.

Food for thought: Should there be a difference in penalties applied for cold-blooded EPO or other forms of blood doping or steroid doping done to win or to ensure huge improvements – versus someone innocently (through inadequate information) taking a cold medicine containing a banned substance when being sick?


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