IOC Considers Retesting Olympic Samples For THG

FasterSkierOctober 29, 2003

The designer steriod THG has been making a lot of headlines recently. The USA
Track and Field controversy has bloomed into a scandal involving professional
athletes from the NFL, Major League baseball and many others.

But could this issue also reach back and dredge up even more scandal from the
2002 Winter Olympics? According to an article
in today's Salt Lake Tribune
, the International Olympic Committe is investigating
whether 20 month-old urine samples from the Salt Lake Games can be re-tested
for THG. If the IOC does decide to re-test, we can expect another long round
of lawsuits like we saw with Muehlegg, et al.

Lake Tribune – Urine samples may be retested

-IOC May Re-Test 2002 Olympics Samples for THG

issue of Outside magazine that is of interest. The author experimented with
performance-enhancing drugs in order to see exactly how much they effected his
athletic ability. Very interesting.


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