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FasterSkierOctober 14, 2003

(See past “Training with Torbjorn and Gordon” postings in the archives for more articles from this long-running series of training articles).

At 7.30 AM last Sunday I called Gordon Lange and asked what he was doing.
We had discussed the possibility of doing a long classic rollerski session today earlier in the week, so my call was expected.
“Eating breakfast – pancakes”
-So, are you ready to go?
“Go where and do what?”

-Classic long distance rollerskiing!
“Ok, Torbjorn — I’ll go with you if you are absolutely 100%, positively convinced and sure that that’s what would be the best for us to do today. Then I’ll go with you”.

Gordon is currently coaching Nordic Combine skiers, who only compete using free technique (skating). He has not done much classic skiing this year.

Gordon in Wanship

We reached Coalville in about 45-50 minutes, crossed the highway over bridge #3 and started on the harder more rolling road back. The terrain down to Coalville had been easy rolling, which reminded us about the Boulder Mountain Tour race.

There were no cars on the entire back stretch and we were skiing side by side or with me drafting Gordon. It doesn’t take much difference in rolling speed before you have to work a lot harder than the one on faster skis. It’s like skiing. Show up with un-waxed skis for an interval session with skiers that are equally good as you, and you’ll feel it.
I was feeling it.

Gordon was now really “into it” and was commenting several times how much he needs to do double poling workouts like this. I agreed that we both need the stomach, arm and back training this workout is providing even for upcoming skating races. We decided that one of next week’s interval sessions should be classic rollerski intervals in a gradual uphill.
Double pole and double pole with kick only.

The pace was now harder — intensity 3 for Gordon and 3-4 for me
With 5K to go we hit the longest uphill — an 8 minute long and hard section.
Gordon was sticking with double poling with kick up the whole hill and I was doing the same. The intensity was now hard — intensity 4-5. We were not racing each other but simply trying to ski the hill strong without switching to diagonal.

It’s was (now) harder to talk but we were both “way into it” and making comments about how much fun this was!
Finally at the top of the hill we stopped to drink, laughed about the pace we just skied at before tucking down the upcoming 1K downhill. The last two kilometer was flat and at intensity 1 with easy double poling.
Total time was 1.40.

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