Sunday Morning Rollerski Blues

FasterSkierOctober 14, 2003

(See past “Training with Torbjorn and Gordon” postings in the archives for more articles from this long-running series of training articles).

At 7.30 AM last Sunday I called Gordon Lange and asked what he was doing.
We had discussed the possibility of doing a long classic rollerski session today earlier in the week, so my call was expected.
“Eating breakfast – pancakes”
-So, are you ready to go?
“Go where and do what?”

-Classic long distance rollerskiing!
“Ok, Torbjorn — I’ll go with you if you are absolutely 100%, positively convinced and sure that that’s what would be the best for us to do today. Then I’ll go with you”.

Gordon is currently coaching Nordic Combine skiers, who only compete using free technique (skating). He has not done much classic skiing this year.


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