FasterSkierOctober 2, 2003

Wendy Wagner, the only woman who has qualified for full US Ski Team status, has switched to Atomic skis for the upcoming season. “The pressure is really on me now that I am the only woman,” quoted Wagner. “There is a lot of confusion on the Worldcup circuit concerning sidecuts. It seems Atomic has this issue dialed in better than the others. I’m looking to these guys (Atomic) for help to go to the next level in my career.”

“Last year, the US men earned stellar results that shocked the Euros,” pointed out Rick Halling, Atomic’s US Nordic Director. “We are confident that the US Women are going to have similar success. Wendy is an Olympian with three National titles, she will definitely be leading the chase. Atomic is also thrilled to have two of the top US Development Team women on Betas for next year, Melissa Oram and Aubrey Smith. The US women have never won a medal in XC at the Worlds or at the Olympics. But that is about to change and we want that first US woman with a medal to be on Atomics.”

The home office in Austria is equally excited. “Wendy has degree in Mathematics from American University,” notes Peter Juric, Atomic’s International Race Director. “She will give very good input on how a race ski should be. European ladies just nod their heads and say the skis are good. American ladies like Wendy are very technical and work with the companies. They go into detail about the skis and communicate very good with our technicians. The Americans like Wendy help us make the skis faster.”   

For more information on Atomic skis: <www.atomicski.com


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