Alpine Area Decides Money Better Spent On Cross Country Skiers 

FasterSkierNovember 19, 2003

Norwegian tabloid paper VG reports that the prestigious Hafjell Alpine Resort finds (better) value in using advertising money on Cross country skier Odd- Bjorn Hjelmset. Sponsoring alpine skiers is, in comparison, expensive and not nearly as valuable.

Hafjell’s chief of marketing and former Alpine National team member Asgeir Lindberg has these comments:

“It would cost us five-time as much to sponsor an alpine skier and that skier would only receive a fraction of the TV coverage Hjelmset receives.

“We are big believers in Hjelmset. He represents values that we stand for as well. He is also living almost in the middle of this ski resort”.

Chief of the Norwegian Alpine team dislikes what he is hearing.

“I’m surprised that an alpine resort is choosing to spend money on others that those that are going to spend money at the resort. You can also wonder if the right user-group will se the (resort) logo on television”.  Cross country skiers are not (really) ski-lift users – says Lund with a smile.

He does not agree that alpine skiers are expensive for promotion compared to the benefits.

“Look at Norwegian Broadcasting’s (NRK) alpine and cross country TV coverage schedule for this season. I can’t understand that there should be a big difference. It was less alpine when TV2 had the rights since they hardly sent anything (from alpine racing), but now it’s NRK and they will”.


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