Freeman and Swenson Are Adjusting Well And Ready To Go

FasterSkierNovember 20, 2003

How was the travel from USA to Norway for Kris and Carl? How long was the
trip – any problems?

”Both Kris and Carl had a very easy travel – all their bags and themselves arrived safely at Gardemoen, airport in Norway a little ahead (!) of schedule on Saturday afternoon November 15. They left the US on Friday November 14, Carl from Utah and Kris from the East coast. We then packed the car full and drove to Beitostœlen — the site for Saturday’s World Cup 15 kilometer freestyle race”.

How was your trip?  

“[Chris] Hall and I got to drive roughly 2100km.  Our trip started in Munich, Germany with a rental car. We drove through Germany, then Denmark, Sweden and finally we were in Norway. We had more stuff than we anticipated, so we had to take all but one seat out when we picked up Kris and Carl. On the last bit from Oslo Airport to Beitostolen (a three hour drive) Hall had to sleep on top of some bags”.

Where are you staying? Are there any other international teams at the same place?

“We are staying at Beitostolen Hoyfjellshotell (Mountain resort).  Our “neighbors” are the Italians, Check Republic, Austrians, Swiss and an assortment of Norwegians”.

How are Kris and Carl adjusting to the time change and Norwegian food?

“Most adjustments are going smoothly, but the time change is a little hard…most of us are sleeping well for a few hours and then lay awake for a several hours.  Hopefully we will adjust within a few more days.  A typical day is breakfast at 7:30, train from 9 to noon, lunch at 1, train again at 4:30 and then dinner at 7….the boys are used to Norwegian food, but most Norwegians would starts to cry when they see how the Americans eat their food…who mixes brown goat cheese, smoked meat, tomatoes and fake (tube) caviar on one sandwich?”.

How is the skiing?

“The skiing is great…we got lots of snow the day we arrived. There is roughly 12 kilometer of good skiing.  Nice tracks and about -1 to -5 degrees Celsius”.

Are Carl and Kris ready to ski fast?

”The boys are ready, time will tell what that means, but with a couple of starts under their belt they should be really good”.


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