Jens Arne Svartedal is racing at a higher level

FasterSkierNovember 16, 2003

Jens Arne Svartedal won the Norwegian 10 kilometer classic race on Sunday and is feeling that he has taken a clear step forward in regular races. He is now doing well in most all events.

Svartedal “knocked-out” his competitors with a blistering finish on the last few kilometers of the race. No other racer could follow the Express train from Trosken at the end. He felt that the last few kilometers went incredibly fast.

“I believe that the last kilometers were raced at a very high level. I have never felt that I have had this type of powerful finish before”.
Svartedal is not quite sure how fast he was skiing. He has never been on the podium in a World Cup race before and has therefore not developed a feel for the (top) level. He felt similar to a classic race inItalyright before Worlds last year. He placed sixth in that race and earned a spot on the World Championship team. 

“I feel I’m at a much higher level at the start of this season compared to previous seasons. That’s a signal that the training I have done have worked well for me”

Svartedal has made some changes in his training to become better at the longer distances. He hopes that this will make him a more complete ski racer. He further hopes for a good result in the overall World Cup.

“I’m hoping to finish among the top ten. The most important for me this season is to ski well in regular races, but I would still like to win classic sprint races as well”.

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