Marit Bjorgen: I Felt Sluggish

FasterSkierNovember 16, 2003

Marit Bjorgen: I Felt Sluggish

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Marit Bjorgen crushed the competition and won Friday’s Norwegian sprint opener in a dominating way. She could feel that effort in Saturday’s 10 kilometer skate race. Her legs felt heavy and her body sluggish.

Bjorgen’s comments:

“It was not my kind of conditions today”

She was not super excited when she woke up on Saturday morning to 10 centimeter of new-fallen snow.

“I was hard today. I could feel yesterday’s race and felt heavy the whole way”.

Bjorgen still ended up in second place only beaten by World Championship medalist Hilde G. Pedersen. That’s promising for Bjorgen’s upcoming World Cup races.

“I feel like I’m in good shape and I’m satisfied that I still beat Kristin Stormer Steira today.

Bjorgen was skiing even with Pedersen for a while, but was not able to keep up with Pedersen’s pace on the second lap. It’s not surprising that the sprint World Champion is struggling a little in the longer skate races. She believes she will do better in sprint, duathlon and classic. She did not view Saturday’s skate race as World Class.

‘Hilde’s race might have been good enough for a top 6 result. I might have placed around 15th place (in a World Cup)”.

 Bjorgen had decided to do all three races this weekend and the take a few rest days ahead of next weekend’s World Cup. She is hoping for a better feeling next weekend. She thinks that she has improved in regular events this year.

“I’m feeling stronger than in the past”.


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