Not A Good Feeling For Bjorndalen

FasterSkierNovember 16, 2003

Olympic Biathlon Champion Ole Einar Bjorndalen did not feel good during the Norwegian cross country 15 kilometer freestyle opening race at Beitostolen on Saturday.

He placed fourth among the specialist despite expressing right after crossing the finish- line that he had felt sluggish during the race. Second place finisher Frode Andresen, also a biathlete expressed the same symptoms.

Bjorndalen had this to say:

“I was kind of floating at an even pace. It was not a good feeling”.

Bjorndalen had decided to do the regular 15 kilometer skate race with the specialists instead of the Norwegian biathlon opener earlier the very same day. 

“I did not let up in my training for this race. I have trained high hours lately and its fun to participate in regular races. I like the opportunity to push my limit and test myself”

Bjorndalen now wants to race the regular World Cup next weekend. He placed second in a (regular) World Cup race during his fantastic 2002 Olympic season.

“I will rest up before next weekend if they’ll let me race. That race will then become the most important”.

Do you think you can ski fast enough (next weekend) to reach the podium again?

“It doesn’t look that way at the moment


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