More Cross-Country history you didn’t know

FasterSkierNovember 11, 2003

Did you know that:

 Asbjœrn Elgstœen died from complications after skiing the 18-km race at the World Ski Championship in Lahti in 1926. The temperature was supposedly – 40 degree Celsius (–40 F). Johan Grœttumsbraaten, the favorite, lost his ski- hat during the race and didn’t take the time to turn around to pick it up. He finished the race with frostbitten ears, and had problems with his ears for the rest of his life.

 Per Sætermyrmoen was from the little town of FÃ¥set in Nord-Østerdal, quite far north of Oslo. In 1950 he wanted dearly to ski in the 50-km race in Holmenkollen, but neither he nor the ski club had any money for travel. However, his brother shot a red fox, and sold the fur as soon as he could, then bought a train ticket for Per at the last minute. Per Sætermyrmoen became the sensational winner at Holmenkollen.
All it took was a kind and sharp-shooting brother, an easy-to-fool fox and good fur prices.


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