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FasterSkierNovember 15, 2003

The following is a collection of what we've heard about skiing in select places
around the continent. Keep in mind that this is not a comprehnsive ski report,
just a sampling from some of our readers.

Clearly, the place to be for early season skiing this year is the west. The
first big storm of the year hit the Rocky Mountains at the end of October and
many place have been skiing ever since.

West Yellowstone started skiing in town a week ago and currently they have
most of thier trails groomed:  Rendezvous, Dead Dog, Volunteer, Washburn,
Deja View, Biathlon Range, Sprint Loop. This was the earliest they have been
skiing in town in seven years. The report we recieved from someone who was recently
in West was that "the trails up in West Yellowstone are in excellant
condition…The grooming for skate and tracks for classic were almost perfect."

The US Ski Team is enjoying good skiing in Park City, Utah, as shown by their
time trial last weekend
. Casper, WY reports 26in snow on Oct 29th &
30th and good skiing since.

Colorado has also been covered by early season snowfall, allowing Breckenridge
Nordic Center to open this weekend. They received their first big snowfall at
the beginning of November and
more snow fell last night

The Lake Tahoe area was hit by a big storm in late October, and the reports
we've heard that they have been skiing ever since. Royal
reports "Really Good Conditions for the Weekend," going
on to say, "The grooming crew have been out setting track this morning,
and the reports are the snow is quite good, so put away your roller skis and
get your wax kit ready."

An early snowfall dropped 31 cm of snow on Nickelplate Cross Country ski trails
on 29 October near Penticton B.C.

Silver Star in Vernon, BC was able to open yesterday, thanks to 30 cm of snow.
They have 20K of trails groomed on the upper mountain.

Some places in the midwest enjoyed a snowstorm midweek this week, and there
are a number of places that skiing can be had. We've heard that that the skiing
is pretty good at Giants Ridge, though their website says they are still closed.
Quite a few midwest areas have taking advantage of cold weather to make snow.

Two weeks ago skiers in Thunder Bay were able to start skiing at Lappe Nordic
when they received about 4 inches or so. The snow has held up through recent
warmer weather and they now report 8K of skating and 4.6K of classic tracks.

Most parts of northern New England are covered with a dusting of the white
stuff, though we haven't heard of any ski areas open at this time. A little
further north, Mont Sainte Anne in Quebec will be opening this weekend.

A week and a half ago we recieved a report from a reader in Moscow saying that
they "had a couple snow storms here in Moscow, Russia but it has all melted.
It was marginaly skiable one day. Hopefully it will stay soon!"


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