Continental CupThe ‘Moms’ Take 1-2-3 in the TAMC 10km Classic

FasterSkierDecember 29, 2003

The ‘Moms’ Take 1-2-3 in the TAMC 10km Classic

December 29 (Fort Kent, ME):  Today’s TAMC Nordic Heritage Classic, a Banknorth Eastern Cup Event, drew a competitive field, despite the change in venue from Presque Isle’s Nordic Heritage Center to Fort Kent’s 10th Mountain Division Lodge. 

The Women’s race was highlighted with three ‘moms’ on the podium – Rebecca Dussault, Subaru Factory Team hugged her two year old son shortly after winning. Second place, former Canadian Olympic team member, Milaine Theriault, is a new mom with a four month old at home. And third place, Team Atomic’s Dorcas Wonsavage, has a four year old son already on skis. Dussault and Theriault plan to be back on the World Cup circuit later this season.

The TAMC Nordic Heritage Sprints on Tuesday, December 30th, start at 10am.
J2 (age 14-15) Boys’ 5km Classic, Top 10
Place   Name  Town, State               Team                                                   Time
1.         Nils Koons, Sidney, ME           Farmington Area Ski Team                   16:02.8
2.         Alex Howe, Gilford, NH           Gunstock Nordic Association               16:11.7          
3.         Dylan DH McGuffin                  Gunstock Nordic Association               16:14.6
4.         Sam Mathes, Rome, ME          Farmington Area Ski Team                   16:59
5.         Gabriel Landry, Bathurst, ME                                                   17:02.8
6.         Stannis Moody-Roberts, Cape Eliz., ME          Cape Nordic                17:31.5
7.         Ethan Heed, Westmoreland ,NH           Vermont Academy                   17:33.1           
8.         Brendan Kiniry, Walpole., NH  Vermont Academy                   18.14.7
9.         Chris Miller, Cape Eliz., ME     Cape Nordic                                        19:02.7
10.       Billy DeVault, Walpole, NH      Vermont Academy                               19:13.8

J2 (age 14-15 Girls’ Top 10
Place   Name  Town, State               Team                                                   Time
1.         Elise Moody-Roberts, Cape Eliz. ME               Cape Nordic                18:41.4
2.         Phoebe Erdman, Williston, VT              Holderness                   19.22.2
3.         Natasha Landry, Bathurst, ME                                                  20:10.24
4.         Lisa Leveque, Charlo                                                                            21.03.9
5.         Dominique Martel, Bathurst, ME                                                           21.16.0
6.         Dana Riker, Cape Eliz., ME                              Cape Nordic                21:23.4
7.         Jessica Dahn, Fredericton, CAN                                                           21:35.4
8.         Sarah Ellen Godeh, Gilford, NH                        Gunstock Nordic Ass.  21:45.9
9.         Mary-Katharine Huebner, Cape Eliz. ME         Cape Nordic                21:50.1
10.       Hannah Shepard, Yarmouth, ME                      Chisholm Ski Club        21:58.0

Women, 10km Classic
Place   Name  Town, State               Team                                                   Time
1. Rebecca Dussault, Gunnison, CO     Subaru Factory Team               32.03.5
2. Milaine Theriault, Canmore, Alberta, CAN                                       32:48.8
3. Dorcas Wonsavage, Farmington, ME            Team Atomic                            33:47.4
4. Sarah Peters, Limestone, ME/CAN  Maine Winter Sports Centr       35:09.2
5. Kristin Emily Fellows, Canton, NY   St. Lawrence Univ.                   35:54.2
6. Kate Whitcomb, Middlebury,VT                  Middlebury College                  35:55.3
7. Kate Crawford, Waitsfield, VT                     Univ. of Vermont                      35:59.3
8. Kate Newick, Middlebury, VT                     Middlebury College                  36:02.2
9. Berkley Leach, Middlebury, VT                    Middlebury College                  36:13.5
10. Lorie Wesolek, Stoughton, WI                   Rossignol/RSSS                       36:32.6           

Men 10km Classic
Place   Name  Town, State               Team                                                   Time
1.         David Chamberlain, Bethel, ME            Fisher Team                             28.02.3
2.         Dave Stewart, Ripton, VT                    Subaru Factory Tm                   28:30.6
3.         Robin McKeever, Ontario, CAN          Canadian Nat’l Team                28:39.8
4.         Zack Simons, Midway, UT                   Maine Winter Sports Ctr.         29:01.4
5.         Ethan Foster, Weston, VT                    Univ. of Vermont                      29:08.00
6.         Andre Lee Watt, Duluth, MN                                                               29:20.4
7.         Justin Easter, Jay, ME                           Maine Winter Sports Ctr.         29:22.2
8.         Andrew Hunter, Hanover, NH  Dartmouth Outing Club 29:25.9
9.         Jason Lemieux, Worthington, MA         Maine Winter Sports Ctr.         29:34.2
10.       Eric James Meyer, Boulder, CO                                                           29:35.3           

  Complete results available at < and <

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