Marcialonga: Is this the real Cross Country Skiing?

FasterSkierJanuary 26, 2004

The race was so exciting and dramatic that The International Ski Federation (FIS) should have this in mind when discussing and deciding the future of cross country skiing.

What are people talking about during their lunch break today?

Quite a few here in Europe will talk about the Aukland brother’s incredible performance in the Marcialonga classic marathon. They had lost their remaining kick wax and were double poling up the last 3 kilometer long uphill – this was after 67 kilometer of hard “blood torture”. The Italian home favorite wasn’t able to double pole anymore and tried to re-wax.

This performance was something special – something that we have not seen in previous World Cup races this season. People watching this on television could see the raw power and endurance. World class performance combined with incredible excitement.


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