NewsBirkie Success For SOLDA Glidewax

FasterSkierFebruary 23, 2004

Birkie report from sponsor TorbjornSport/SOLDA

A large number of SOLDA skiers reported having great skis with TorbjornSport’s 2004 Birkie wax suggestions

SOLDA Glide wax can only be purchased through mail-order from TorbjornSport (< ).

Not being available in stores makes SOLDA a “small” wax company, however low cost, an easy to use system, waxes for every condition and great glide makes SOLDA live up to its slogan “The fastest skis at the lowest cost”. It’s time to try SOLDA.

SOLDA user Italian Roberto DeZolt was third overall in this year's Birkie. He was less than 1 second from winning and reported having great glide.

A number of other very good SOLDA results from a wide spectrum of age categories show the wax’s speed, durability and popularity.

Here are some more reasons why you should consider SOLDA for the future:

Last years introduction of the SOLDA Wax Maestro was a huge hit and gave SOLDA users their own personal wax technician. All they need to do is to click on the Wax Maestro on TorbjornSport (TBS), tell him the snow condition and he will give you the perfect SOLDA Wax combination.

SOLDA users are also receiving updated wax reports throughout the winter and former National Team coaches are available at TBS to answer questions about the wax. You can call or e-mail them.

SOLDA wax suggestions for upcoming races are posted on the TBS web site.

SOLDA’s customer base is fast growing and the following represents some SOLDA highlight result at this year's Birkie. At more detailed report with specifics on different skiers wax choices can be found on TBS in a few days.

Roberto de Zolt 3rd overall — less than 1 second from winning!
Justin Wadsworth 2nd age 35-39 — 12th overall
Kent Murdoch 2nd age 40-44
Randy Beckner 1st age 50-54
David Zink 6th age 40-44
Chris Ransom 3rd age 50-54
Don Camp 4th age 50-54
Gordon Faulkner 2nd age 60-64

Leslie Hall 1st age 40-44 — 12th overall
Diane Tremblay 1st age 30-34 — 15th overall
Sarah Peters 3rd age 25-29 — 16th overall
Karen Waeschle 5th age 40-44 — 23 overall

For information on Team TorbjornSport and how you can become a member contact us at

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