Birkie Success For SOLDA Glidewax

FasterSkierFebruary 23, 2004

Birkie report from sponsor TorbjornSport/SOLDA

A large number of SOLDA skiers reported having great skis with TorbjornSport’s 2004 Birkie wax suggestions

SOLDA Glide wax can only be purchased through mail-order from TorbjornSport (< ).

Not being available in stores makes SOLDA a “small” wax company, however low cost, an easy to use system, waxes for every condition and great glide makes SOLDA live up to its slogan “The fastest skis at the lowest cost”. It’s time to try SOLDA.

SOLDA user Italian Roberto DeZolt was third overall in this year's Birkie. He was less than 1 second from winning and reported having great glide.