OtherPictures From U-23 15/30 K Skate Race

FasterSkierFebruary 17, 2004

First 3 photos are from a nice slow first lap

The womens winner 150 meter from the finish – impressive last 1.5 k. That's were she skied away by 19 seconds.

This shows the winner Thomas Moriggl of Italy when he is breaking away
from second place finisher Nejc Brodar with 7.5 k to go, the uphill
photos of him is how he skied the hill with 6 k to go and the last time
up – Jumping V1 -pretty impressive – the photos are from the last lap.

The chaser Nejc Brodar of Slovania – never gave up and always put the
presssure on the leader. Pushed the pace in the front a lot on the first
4 laps – was responsible for breaking away from the rest.

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