Preparing For The American Birkebeiner

FasterSkierFebruary 18, 2004

The 31st Annual American Birkebeiner, takes place on Saturday, Feb. 21, 2004.  It’s called the “Boston Marathon” of cross country skiing, is North America's largest and most prestigious cross-country ski marathon. Spanning 51 kilometers from Cable to Hayward, the Birkie is part of the esteemed Worldloppet series of 14 international races, part of the International Ski Federation (FIS) Marathon Cup series of eight races, and part of the American Ski Marathon series of 11 races. The event attracts 6,500 skiers from 19 foreign countries and 45 United States as well as 15,000 spectators to cheer them on.

Pair #1:
Base of SOLDA F-31 Violet (mixed with pink if Friday’s snow showers continue into Saturday) covered with SOLDA Warm Fluor mixed with HPO5. Straight HPO5 is also (absolutely) possible – You might have “killer” skis with this combination

Second option: Same base (violet) covered with PowerJet 1 or Warm Fluor.  Cover with (heated in) Cold Fluor or PowerJet 2 if the race temperature is expected to be low twenties.

Dry conditions: S-20 over F-15 Violet. Use S-30 if the temperatures drop to very low

Bring SOLDA PowerJet 4 and rub the wax on if Fluorocarbon is your top layer and it is dryer at the start than expected. Carefully heat it in if you have time in the morning — and have checked the humidity.

“Make it simple” alternative: Straight SOLDA F-15 SOLDA (two layers)

or SOLDA F-15 Pink (or Pink and Violet mixed) as base, cover with PowerJet 2 as top layer. This could be as good as anything out there — even better!

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