Preparations For Important Races

FasterSkierFebruary 3, 2004

The last report in this “training and racing” series featuring my friend Gordon Lange and I was posted in November, following a great 50 kilometer ski tour into the West Yellowstone Park with Olympic Champion Thomas Alsgaard.

Here is a little report on mostly my training and preparation from that November workout up until the recent Masters Nationals in Marquette, Michigan.

The skiing in Utah has been stable and pretty good from November, however relatively short training -loops at each Nordic area has prevented us from (mentally) getting into doing long workouts. Our workout length is for that reason usually around 15 kilometer or roughly 1 hour depending upon whether we do intervals or distance. The average total for the week has dropped a little from this fall and is down to 8-9 hour per week. I have done only one workout longer than 1.45.

Gordon and my own work schedules are usually conflicting so the number of workouts together has been very limited. I usually get my workout in before lunch while Gordon is training sometime around 4 pm, when his Nordic combined team that he is coaching is out of school. I have for that reason done more training with John Aalberg than Gordon.

We have at the moment the most snow and the best skiing I have seen in Utah in more than 15 years. The length of the loops are now a little longer and the motivation a bit better — it also helps that “the bigger” races are soon coming up.

By the way we knew this fall that the skiing was going to be great at some point this winter — an old ancient saying tells the following tale:
“It’s going to be a very tough winter when your neighbor’s dog climbs to the top of the roof in September”.


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