Race the 50-km, then ski home

FasterSkierMarch 27, 2004

Norwegian Cross-Country World Cup Sprint stars Jens Arne Svartedal and HÃ¥vard Bjerkeli are among the favorites in the upcoming Norwegian 50 km National Championship. However, a 50 km race is not enough for them, they now have decided to ski the 90 km back home to Lillehammer after the long-distance race.

But why? – asks langrenn.com.

– As long as we ski far, let’s ski very far, jokes Jens Arne. But seriously, this is about doing something that is a bit different, a bit tough and a bit extreme.

Is this also to show that Sprinters also train long and hard?

– Almost all sprinters will also ski well in longer competitions, so perhaps you’re right?, Jens Arne again jokes (he won last year’s 50-km Championship). More seriously, though, it may be true that some of the extreme over-distance training has been forgotten the last few years, – it is great training, you know!


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