TrainingVasaloppet Champion Svard Is Not Afraid Of The Norwegians

FasterSkierMarch 3, 2004

Sweden’s Oscar Svard, Daniel Tynell and Henrik Eriksson can brag about something no currently active Norwegian top skiers can be proud of — they have all won the World largest and most prestigious ski marathon, the 90 kilometer long classic style Swedish Vasaloppet. Here is a recent interview from Swedish

Not afraid of the Norwegians


Oscar Svard is back on the ski tracks. He is not afraid after seeing all the pre-race talk about Norwegians, French and Italian skiers. You can count on the fact that last years winner is planning on fighting them all.

Most of the last weeks writing in the European ski press has been focused on the Norwegians push for a win and their chances coming into the 80th Swedish Vasaloppet. Anders Aukland, Jorgen Aukland and Anders Hallingstad have gotten lots of media attention.

The 2003 Vasaloppet winner Oscar Svard has seen the TV and newspaper interviews from his home in Ostersund.

“It’s not important to me to be seen and heard ahead of the race. The most important is to cross the finish line first for the second year in a row. It’s interesting that the media is focusing on everyone else (but me), but not a disadvantage.

“I don’t mind at all that my competitors are getting some added pressure,” laughs Svard.

His recovery following the concussion that he got in the Marcialonga race, that forced him to rest for ten days, has gone according to the plan.

“Yes, I have been training as much as I could handle and won both the Jarnforan and the Skinnarloppet races. I’m still a little behind the shape I was in ahead of last years Vasaloppet, but should be there in a week from now (this interview was made last week). I’m planning my peak ahead of the most important and fun race of the year, the Vasaloppet.”

Svard skied away from the pack early in the recent Jarnforan race and won by a margin of five minutes. The second place finisher was 17th in last years Vasaloppet.

“I was a little tired ahead of Skinnarloopet and was also setting the track for the skiers behind me due to 1-2 centimeter of new snow in the tracks,” said Svard.

He still won.
Svard will be focusing on testing skis and wax the last week ahead of the race.

“You don’t win this race without good equipment. I have good skis which I trust,” says the long distance expert Svard.

Svard has respect for the Norwegian Aukland brothers, but remember well how it ended last year when it also was supposed to end with Norwegian victory. That didn’t happen thanks to him.

“I know that I have capacity to win this year’s race and to beat the Norwegians. I don’t need to walk around and be concerned about anyone. I know that it’s going to be very tough not only against the Norwegians. Don’t forget Stanislav Rezac of the Check Republic. He is dangerous. The one that has impressed me the most lately is however Daniel Tynell. To win the Bessemerloppet by eight minutes was impressive. The 2002 winner will be tough. I think us Swedes will give anyone a good fight. I’m not planning on giving an inch or anything easy. You can count on that.”

All three Swedish skiers are using Swedish made PRO-SKI rollerskis in their training preparations. The following information on Svard and Tynell’s training is provided by PRO-SKI and the US importer TorbjornSport ( ) .

Daniel Tynell: Fall Training

“The summer is over and I’m looking forward to fall training, a great new winter and the upcoming race season. I hope you all enjoyed the summer and trained a great deal.

“Personally I did well despite getting two colds and moving into a new house. I’m not a professional skier but work more or less full time along with training and racing.

“My training (this summer) included a trip to France where I competed in a 5-day, stage orienteering competition. Different terrain than what I’m used to and lots of fun. I even got to visit Paris for two days!

“I even brought my rollerskis on the trip and discovered that this activity is not common in southern France. I didn’t see any other rollerskiers.

“At the moment I’m training as much as possible. I usually take a couple days off when I feel that I have got in some solid training and some recovery is needed before I start the next period.

“I mostly focus on rollerskiing, running and biking at different intensities. I have rollerskied more this summer than in past years. I feel that rollerskiing is the most specific ski training and the only way to make real improvements.
“I have increased my number of rollerski speed and pace workouts. I believe that this will improve my efficiency and make me ski more relaxed in races. It should also help make me stronger and faster at the end of the race.

“My advice for those who want to ski faster is very simple: rollerski more.

“Not strictly rollerskiing so you overload your muscles but a gradual increase of this training method.  Alternate your training between some very easy distance sessions, some faster distance, some shorter interval workouts and some strength training.

“We need stomach, back and arm strength when you double-pole the Vasaloppet between Salen and Mora!

About PRO-SKI Rollerskis

Training trends, fashion, money, rumors and advertising are all factors that affect athletes’ choice of training and racing equipment. There is however no money to be made by skiing on PRO-SKI rollerskis. Despite this fact, an impressive number of top skiers are choosing this brand for their dryland training. The reason for their choice is the same as for past successful users like Olympic Champions Vegard Ulvang and Bjorn Daehlie — the resistance is right and the ski feel is very good. The chance for progress in your racing is therefore high.

Today’s PRO-Ski users continue to be impressive and includes among others:

The entire Norwegian National Team. This includes some of Tynell and Svard’s presumably hardest competitors in this year’s race, the Norwegian Aukland brothers.

The 2003 World 50 km freestyle Champion Martin Koukal (CZE), 2003 World Pursuit Champion Per Elofsson and other Swedish National Team members: Anders Sodergren, Mats Larsson, Anders Hogberg, Jorgen Brink, Bjorn Lind, Johan Olsson, Lina Andersson, Elin Ek, Mariana Handler and Ida Olsson are all PRO-SKI users.

Canadian Beckie Scott (with an impressive four top ten results in last year’s World Championship) and team-mate Sara Renner are both PRO-SKI users.

So are the last three years winners of the (Super Prestigious) World’s largest ski race, The Swedish Vasaloppet Oscar Svard, Daniell Thynell and Henrik Eriksson!

PRO-SKI Rollerskis is distributed in USA and Canada by TorbjornSport — 

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