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FasterSkierApril 28, 2004

National Cross Country Ski Education Foundation Announces Formation of North American Ski Gymnasium
School Year Program to start August 2004, skiers live and train at the Solleftea Ski Gymnasium in Sweden

The National Cross-Country Ski Education Foundation (NCCSEF) has formed a partnership with Solleftea Ski Gymnasium in Sweden to bring six cross-country skiers to Sweden to live and train for the school year. Pete Phillips will be the program director of the North American Ski Gymnasium (NASG), set to begin August 2004.

High School seniors and college-aged athletes will have the opportunity to ski and study at the Solleftea Ski Gymnasium in Sweden from August to May. A team of coaches and teachers are designing a set of classes and activities to provide the best vehicles for learning the language, taking part in local life, and maximizing training opportunities. Solleftea is recognized as one of Sweden’s best ski academies. The school already enthusiastically participates in exchanges with ski academies in France and Finland, and is excited about a program with North America. Two members of the Solleftea coaching staff have spent time with programs in the U.S. and have worked with American skiers.

Skiers will ski in Europe as members of the Solleftea Ski Club, and will train with the skiers from Solleftea. There will also be some training sessions just with the North Americans. Athletes who are following a training plan from a home coach will receive support, advice and encouragement from the NASG coaches. We recognize the connection between home clubs and home coaches. We want to support that arrangement, not change it.

The athletes will live with local families or in individual apartments with other students from Sweden. Athletes will not live with other North Americans. We’ll gather together daily and will have a common spot to unwind, share a meal, and shoot the breeze, but immersion in Swedish culture is a cornerstone of the program. The NASG staff will be there to monitor training and study and to provide easily accessible support.

There is room for only 6 athletes in our inaugural class. Applications are due May 14th, 2004. Acceptances will be announced on May 21st, 2004. Call Pete Phillips at 207-824-4824 or the NCCSEF at 651-698-1908 for an application. Applications will be available on-line May 1st at

Tuition for the program will be $17,000 and includes school tuition, group travel to competitions, entry fees, and room and board from late August ‘04 until late May of ‘05. It does not include airfare.

For more information contact Program Director Pete Phillips 207-824-4824 or NCCSEF President Reid Lutter 651-698-1908.


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