What Is The Spring Series Fun Leaders Jersey?

FasterSkierApril 2, 2004

In a recent article on FasterSkier about the Colorado International Spring Series (CISS), we made a mention of the Fun Leaders Jersey. Soon after, we started receiving many emails. It seems that everyone wants to know more about the Fun Leaders Jersey.

Spring Series has always been a fun, festive way to end the ski season. The recipe is simple. Get the top skiers in North America together, add in a few of Europe's top racers, mix with some sunshine and warm weather to take the cut-throat competitive edge off, and you have yourself a week of exciting skiing and lots of fun.

Spring Series, in its various forms, has been around for years. Rick Kapala and the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation perfected the blueprint for the current model in the 90's with their Idaho International Spring Series. This year, race organizer Nathan Schultz and his staff have taken that blueprint, and raised it to a new level. Schultz, a former professional bike racer, as well as long-time member of the Subaru Factory Team, borrrowed a few ideas from cycling to make the CISS a little more interesting.


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