11000 Participants Spent US $7.25 million At Norwegian Skarverennet

FasterSkierMay 28, 2004

Norway’s last race of the season, the Skarverennet marathon, attracted 11000 participants. The skiers spent 50 million Norwegian crowns or roughly US $7.25 million during three days of “cross country ski celebration”, according to the Norwegian SkiSport magazine.

A staff of 900 is involved in making this race a success. The local sport club usually makes a profit of roughly 2.5 million Norwegian crowns or US $375.000 This money is then divided among the club’s different sports like soccer, biathlon and cross country skiing.

Racers consumed 10.000 half liters of beer at the post race party.
Next year’s race is April 23. The main race is “free technique” and 35 kilometer long, however many die-hard (Norwegian) classic skiers are still pulling out their 210’s and klister tubes. Why skate when you can classic or take your skis off and walk up the hills when your klister has worn off?


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